Under the brand " P.O.L Organic "

manufacture and distribution : 100% natural fruit products ,Although we are 100% organic,

 we do not sell expensive. ,Our products include: Frozen fruits of all kinds,

We also have animal feed products such as dog food, cat food, cattle feed. etc.


We can sell below the market price. Percentage is 10-15% of world market price


Thai Hom Mali Rice - Premium

Thai Hom Mali Broken Rice A.1 Supe

Thai Jasmine Rice ,Thai White Rice 100% Grade B

Thai White Rice 5% ,Thai White Rice 25%

Thai White Broken Rice A.1 Super


Trade Details.

Contract Manufacturing: OEM Service Offered ,

Design Service Offered Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM








Origin : Ayutthaya, Nakhon Sawan , Thailand


Package: 200g /5 kgs/10 kgs / 20kgs./ or according to customers' requirements.

MOQ : 20 Ton or Any quantity can be mixed with other products

Prices:  Bargain, I give below the market price of 15-20%

Delivery time: 20-30 Day after receiving the advance.

Shipping: Sea Freight ,Bulk Cargo,container


Main clients: India, Malaysia, China etc.



Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Asked: Payment LC100%

Answer :We found many fake buyers. To deliver to the first. Then pay later

This is a scam. It's not a real business.


2.) Asked: Payment

Answer : This payment is under contract. L/C 100 % 

T/T 30% deposit and the balance clear before shipment  against the B/L copy

(The customer will pay will happen.Advance Payment Guarantee Or Letter of Guarantee: L/G)


3.) Asked: Delivery time

Answer : 20-30 Day after receiving the advance.


If you have any questions or need more information, please contact me below.

For more information Please contact sales in Thailand.

 Whatsapp/Telegram/Viber : +6695-778-7272 (24 Hrs.)

Wechat Id: chamazon8888(24 Hrs.) E-mail: ch.amazon8888(@)yahoo.com


Advice of Letter of Guarantee (L/G)

Advice of L/G means that ABC verifies the apparent authenticity of the L/G from a foreign bank and then notifies the beneficiary as requested by the guarantor.


The L/G guarantees the interest of the beneficiary in the event of the L/G applicant's default.


1. ABC receives an L/G issued by a foreign bank and verifies the apparent authenticity of the L/G.
2. ABC advises its customer who is the beneficiary of the L/G.
3. The ABC customer signs the Advice of Letter of Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit and returns the bank copy to ABC.
4. Within the terms of the L/G, the customer should submit the Application for Mandate Claims under Letter of Guarantee/Standby Letter of Credit to ABC if he wishes to mandate ABC for claims. After reviewing relevant documents, ABC will make claims against the guarantor in accordance with the provisions of the L/G.


Thai Rice,Rice

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